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Head Start uses an inclusive governing structure. The Board of Directors includes past parents and representatives from the community. The Policy Council consists of parents whose children are currently enrolled in Head Start and community representatives. The Director and Staff also participate in governing Head Start.

The federal government mandates that Head Start be governed through a process of shared approval by both the Board of Directors and the Policy Council. Because of this, it is important to develop relationships and build bridges among all the decision-makers. Communication lines must be open and actively support partnerships among administrators, the Policy Council, and the Board of Directors. 

There are various Head Start in-house committees: Finance, Staff Development, Safety, Wellness, Training, and Hiring Committees. There are also community committees where representatives from Head Start participate to provide input and receive updates on practices within the larger Humboldt Park Community.

The in-house committees guide policies and procedures.  Any recommendations for change also have to be agreed upon by the other governing bodies. 

  • Parent Committee

  • Parent Policy

  • Board

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