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Your donations will help us provide a safe and nurturing learning environment for Judah North Learning Center. We are supported by contributions from government, corporations, foundations, and individuals. Your support can help us continue to do more, such as.

  • Prepare children for kindergarten structure and socialization by giving them a quality early childhood education

  • Provide early literacy programs, art education initiatives, and special needs screenings

  • Encourage families to promote personal growth and well-being in the home and in their communities

  • Hire teachers who are experienced in early child development and meet educational requirements

  • Maintain high quality standards that allow us to be fully licensed by the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago

We are dedicated in our belief that every child deserves the best start possible. Here at Judah North Learning Center every child will be provided with that.

Thanks for giving to the Judah North Learning Center, 91% of your gift will go directly to services that will benefit children and family development.

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